Sanken Total Co., Ltd.

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About us


It has been 25 years since my father, who used to work for a knife manufacturer in Seki City, Gifu,
went independent and started his own business as a knife wholesaler.
Initially, we outsourced the manufacturing to a knife manufacturing company in Seki,
but were unable to obtain satisfactory products,
and had to choose between either closing the business or starting manufacturing ourselves.

We came to meet collaborators, and began manufacturing.
However, we did not know what awaited us, and faced many struggles.
To overcome it all, we met countless supporters, collaborators, and teachers.
We were blessed with staff members who thought for themselves,
made their own decisions, and moved on their own, and they have helped us make as far as we have.

I will always be grateful to them, and I will continue to look forward to
our future to this era of remarkable change with sincerity and honesty.

Our company name and trademark

Our logo was selected from among dozens of designs by a designer who was close to our founder when the business first started.
It is a combination of bamboo shoots, from the family name (Takeuchi), and the blade of a kitchen knife.

Bamboo shoots always grow upward.
Fully grown bamboo are flexible, strong, and won't break, all necessary elements in a blade.

"Total" represents our intent on working thoroughly regardless of whether or not it has to do with knives.

Company overview

Name Sanken Total Co., Ltd.
Location 493 Katsuyama, Sakahogi-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu Prefecture 505-0076
Began 1994
Established August 2012
Capital ¥5,000,000
TEL 0574-28-3101
FAX 0574-28-7759
Work Sale and manufacture of knives and knife maintenance products (grindstones and sharpening tools)
Representative Yasuhiro Takeuchi


1994 Hidehiro Takeuchi began as a wholesaler
1999 Yasuhiro Takeuchi (the current representative director) joined company
2000 Began manufacturing knives for the home (for sale in department stores)
2003 Began manufacturing knives for business use (for use in food processing factories)
2012 Incorporation
2014 Opened EC site
2015 Began manufacturer of of knives for specialty knife stores
2020 Homepage renewal