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Use knives preferred by professionals at home

There are many types of kitchen knives, including santoku, petite, and de-ba.
We have created a diverse lineup in pursuit of a sharp cut, durability, and ease of use.
Find the blade that suits your purpose and how you want to use it.

Ps60 Steel Series

Kanehide's highest quality articles

Ss61 Steel Series

Recommended for professional users who value sharpness.

MV Steel Series

Easy Handling Series

Commercial Kitchen knife Series

Laser marking (name marking)

We will engrave a name or message on your knife. This is perfect for mother's day gifts, wedding presents, or house warming gifts.
Give that special someone a unique knife. The laser marking is used to mark the blade with the number, letter, department name, corporation name, or the name of a person of your choice.We are now offering free engravings on online sales only!

You can choose from the following.

Pattern A (Name only)

  • A-1

  • A-2

  • A-3

Pattern AC (Name+clover illustration)

  • AC-1

  • AC-2

  • AC-3

Pattern WR (Wedding present)

  • WR-1

  • WR-2

  • WR-3

Pattern MD (Mother's day)

  • MD-1

  • MD-2

  • MD-3

Pattern WA (Marriage anniversary)

  • WA-1

  • WA-2

  • WA-3

Pattern P (For work)

  • P-1

  • P-2

  • P-3

*If you select pattern WR (wedding present)/pattern WA (marriage anniversary), we can add the date of the marriage beneath the name.
If you would like us to enter the date, add the date to your order on the online shop.
If you do not select a date, we will not add one to the product.

*About the letters used
The type of letter and the number of letters used may change the appearance of the engraving.
For the roman alphabet, we will use a capital for the first letter, and all following letters will be lowercase.
Some letters cannot be done in certain fonts.

Normally the engravings will not disappear, not rubbing them with magnets, etc., may make them fade.
We do not accept returns on items with engravings, unless there are problems with the product upon arrival.
When you request engravings, we may take slightly longer on final delivery.